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We Couldn't Say It Better Ourselves!

A review by GradyShark from Houston, Texas who was recently on the Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tour:

"The tour guide took us around Hannibal and told us some fascinating real life stories and reported ghost encounters, while teaching us a great deal about the history of the town. The highlight of the tour was visiting the graveyard. My younger cousins, who tagged along, enjoyed "talking" to spirits using dowsing rods. You don't have to believe in ghosts or the paranormal to have fun on this tour." Visited July 2016

Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours


We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a tour for any reason.

Full refunds will be issued for any tour that we cancel.

No children age 4 and under are allowed. Ages 5-10 are charged half of the adult ticket price.

All guests 11 years old and older will be charged the adult ticket price.

Because our tours frequently sell out, once seats are reserved there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

No refunds will be issued if your group number is reduced or you wish to cancel your reservation

within 24 hours of the tour including those reservations made the day-of the tour.

For tours of 14 passengers or less we will use our small, climate-controlled bus. For tours with more than 14 passengers we may rent the Hannibal Trolley but we never guarantee that our tour will be a “Trolley” tour

Still photography is allowed, but video/audio recording of our tour is not permitted.

Generally speaking, we do not cancel a tour because of light rain or the threat of inclement weather.

We will cancel a tour if there is the possibility of lightning or excessive precipitation.

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to entertaining you!

Got Orbs???

More photos with multiple orbs taken at Old Baptist Cemetery on last night's tour!!!

Here's one sent in by Amy Hastings. The headstone in the photo was for Jenny, the wife of William Henry Hatch, an eight term U.S. Congressman from Hannibal in the mid- to late-19th Century:

And Tiffany Ruesch sent in this photo, also taken last night. The obelisk in the photo is in the northwest corner of the cemetery, in an area where we have started noticing a lot of energy and activity with the dowsing rods:

Then, Sandy Debrick and seven of her kids were with her and they caught these multiple orb pictures (which apparently made an impact on the kids who were a bit skeptical at first!):

For those who would try to debunk these photos: There was no rain or humidity that night, but it was cold (upper 40s).

Does anyone have any idea how there could be so many orbs in so many photos???

Thanks, Amy, Sandy and Tiffany, and if anyone else has photos to share, please email them to lisa@hauntedhannibal.com

More to come!

MORE EVIDENCE For Your Consideration

We received yet another multiple "orb" picture from Susan O'Kane who was on our tour last Friday night...as I say on the tour, we always seem to have a lot of activity near the tree with the cross next to it...and I still can't figure out how we are getting so many photos with multiple orbs!!!

I also received these two photos from Alan and Jen Harvey via email. Alan was pulled toward this headstone by the dowsing rods...and as you can see, when he took a photo with the camera on his cell phone, he caught what looks like three giant fingers creeping around the side of the headstone!

The second photo was taken only seconds afterward, and no black shadows appear...and we are sure that no one was standing near the stone to cast the shadows, nor were his fingers near the phone's camera lens...!

Keep an eye on this blog, as we are sure to have more spooky, creepy, paranormal photos from this weekend's tours -- Its Finally Halloween! Yipppeeeee!

Wishing you all a very, very Happy (and SAFE) Halloween!

Our Guests are CRAZY about the Book and Tours!

A big thanks to Deb Walkup of Hannibal for her support of "Haunted Hannibal: History and Mystery in America's Hometown"!!!

If you haven't ordered your copy of the book yet, please call (314) 494-2918 and order yours today. And remember, books signed by the authors make great Holiday gifts!

Haunted Hannibal on PBS show "Illinois Stories"

Tune in to see "Haunted Hannibal" featured on the show "Illinois Stories"! The show will air on the PBS stations WQEC/Qunicy, WMEC/Macomb, and WSEC/Springfield. Show times are Thursday, Oct. 28 at 7:30pm CST, Friday, Oct. 29 at 6:30pm CST, and Wednesday, Nov. 3rd at 6:30pm CST.

For more information, here's the link to the "Illinois Stories" website:

Pulled by the Dowsing Rods

People are amazed at the way the dowsing rods work, and last night's tour was no exception! As I say on the tours, I can tell you HOW the dowsing rods work, but I can't tell you WHY. Is there really a spirit present that senses one of our guests and specifically calls out to them, using the dowsing rods as a communication tool to pull the guest over to the grave for a personal visit?

For example, a while back we had a man on tour and the dowsing rods kept leading him strongly toward a couple of the head stones in the cemetery...each of the headstones displayed a Freemason symbol of some sort. The man being led was a Mason! He was even wearing his Masonic ring that night!

Last night, a guest on our tour named Kim was walking around Old Baptist Cemetery and the rods kept pulling her to a specific spot on the hill to the west of the walnut tree. (Notice the orb next to her head and near her left elbow, as well!)

What was interesting was that her destination was not a headstone, it was a patch of bare earth...under her feet, she could feel a firmness to the ground, and it was a solid feeling rather than soft earth as found all around this spot. We are pretty sure there is a buried headstone in this location (or maybe simply a grave). As soon as we have a chance we'll check the area out and see if we can find out what was calling out to Kim. She was pulled more than fifty feet to that specific spot...and she tried it more than one time to confirm that this was the intended spot for her to visit!

Also on our tour last night were Chuck and Gail, and they too were pulled to specific areas of the cemetery by the dowsing rods.

Their camera also caught orbs in nearly every photo, and as the one below shows, the phenomenon we talked about last week still holds true...we're still getting photos on every tour that have multiple orbs present in the photo.

Any ideas? Any explanations for the dowsing rod's movement and the orbs being caught on the photos? It truly seems to be "paranormal"!

Join us on tour and see for yourself, it is truly a spine-tingling good time!

The Old Catholic Church

On each of our tours we drive by the Old Catholic Church. Built in 1875, it was originally the home of the First Congregational Church. Beginning in 1880 it was consecrated for use by the Catholics who renamed it the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and they used the building until 1955. Since that time it has been used as an American Legion Hall, a dinner theater, a part of the bowling alley, and finally as the home of the Hannibal Community Theatre. And it's haunted!

I received this email from Amy Tully who was on our tour on Friday, Oct. 15th, who brought her EVP recorder to Hannibal and gave this report:

Hi! My father and I just took your ghost tour last Friday. I JUST HAD TO LET YOU KNOW what evidence I got outside of the Catholic church!! Since you told us that people have heard all sorts of noises coming from the church we decided to get a coffee and bring the EVP and set it on the church while we talked sitting down next to the church. WITHIN 17 secs of the recording you can hear a choir singing. At 3:22 the choir sings some more and gets extremely loud where I even heard it with my own ears to 3:33!! It was mindblowing and simply amazing, thanks for sharing that with us :) If you would like I will try to send the EVP recording to you, I'm sure you will enjoy it! Thank you again for everything and I will be sharing your website with a lot of people!

We're hoping to put Amy's EVP on the blog so you can download it and hear it for yourself, keep checking this blog for updates...!

By the way, right now the Old Catholic Church is on the "Most Endangered List" here in Hannibal...if a buyer is not found to restore the structure, it may have to be torn down...but if you know anyone who might be interested, the church building and property is for sale for only $29,500.00!!! And you can live inside the church, too, as the choir loft was converted into an apartment. Please, won't someone save this old church and keep the congregation that's haunting it happy?

A Ghost at the Garden House!

For those of you who have taken the Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tour, you know that the Garden House B&B is haunted...named one of the ten best places in the country to sleep with a ghost by the NBC Today show...and that the Today show cameras tried to shoot footage in the attic space, but the camera kept losing battery and shutting down in a certain area of the attic.

Tammy Lyons was a guest on our tour and took this photo of the Garden House. If you look very carefully in the close-up of the attic window on the north side of the house (the right side of the photo), there seems to be a man's face peering around the right side of the window. WOW!

We also heard from Marty and Deb Oexner who spent the night at the Garden House in the South room. Here's what they reported in an email sent to me last week:

"We stayed at the Garden House in the South Room over October 8-10. We took your tour that Friday night and I was the husband Lisa told she would drop the Garden House from the tour [his wife didn’t know the house was haunted and we didn’t want to scare her], but my wife wanted to know if the Garden House was haunted or not so you did that part too.

"Anyway, the first night there, Deb woke me right after 3 am in the morning and said she woke up and couldn't sleep. I actually had to stand in the hall while she went to the bathroom...At 3:04 am I woke up out a deep sleep (not like me) and asked Deb if she shut off the fan (the room had a tower fan on the floor). She said no, but when I checked the fan was off and I had turned it on before we went to bed. When I told Chris about it and that we both had woken up shortly after 3 am, he said most people who have experiences there have them between 2-3 am."

Marty also sent a photo of an orb he took inside the Garden House, but unfortunately I was not able to get it to upload to the blog. :(

Thanks so much to everyone who emails us with stories and photos, its fun to hear other's experiences and to be able to share the information with our blog friends!

Any Explanation For This???

Okay, all you de-bunkers out there, we are experiencing something very unusual at Old Baptist Cemetery on our tours and I'm hoping someone out there can explain what's happening...

For the past week or so, on each and every evening tour we take to Old Baptist, our guests are coming up with photos that have many, many orbs. The photos are taken at night and only seem to show up on photos that are wide shots of the whole cemetery -- most of the close-up photos I've seen of headstones don't have any orbs. One photos has literally hundreds of orbs!

Here are the conditions at the time these photos have been taken...cool night, usually in the upper 50s...no humidity or moisture in the air (we haven't had any rain for nearly three weeks)...no lights on in the cemetery, no flashlights shining into the photos...nearly a full moon, lots of moonlight in the cemetery...all these photos are taken with different cameras by different people on different nights.

If anyone can de-bunk these photos we'd appreciate it, but if not, WOW, is there a lot of activity in the cemetery! One thought: the reason that Halloween has been celebrated for hundreds of years by different cultures is because it is believed that this time of the year, as the days get shorter, that the "veil" between the living and the dead is at its thinnest point, and this is when it is the easiest to communicate with those who have crossed over. Maybe these orbs really are energy that has become more pronounced as we get closer to the full moon and Halloween!

Let us know what you think!

Special thanks to Penny Monroe, Robert Lee, Therese Melnykov, Bob Higgins, Pat Thueme, and the O'Connells for sharing your photos with us!

A Visit with Agness

Hello friends, sorry it has been so long since I posted here but we've been a bit busy...the fall "haunted" season is in full swing, and I have lots of new stories to share with you. I'm going to post several items today in separate blogs, there have been some amazing experiences on our tours in the past month!

This post is a story emailed to me by Morgan Trousdale who was on our ghost tour last Saturday night, Oct. 16th. It was a really interesting experience, and I concur with Morgan's recollection of the evening, it happened just as she explains:

My name is Morgan Trousdale and I’m…well…I don’t want to say a medium (although that’s what I suppose I am). Let’s just say that I’m a sensitive. The “gift,” as my mother calls it, runs in my family. Most, if not all, of the women in my family can, see auras, read cards, and sense and communicate with spirit.

I signed up for the Haunted Hannibal Tour with the idea that I would sit quietly and enjoy the novelty of it all. But, even on the trolley ride around the city, I experienced things.

While sitting outside the Stillwell lot, listening to the story of the Stillwell murder, I was overcome with the strangest sensations. It was as though my own emotions, my own self, was pushed aside and replaced with intense waves of anger, hate, apathy, and, finally, satisfaction. I remember playing with the dowsing rods on my lap and thinking, “This isn’t me.” As soon as the story shifted to that of the Library, those feelings eased and eventually dissipated. Then, as we stopped outside the Old Catholic Church, my chest got heavy and I couldn’t breathe. As soon as we pulled away and put some distance between the trolley and the church, the heaviness subsided and I could breathe again.

As extraordinary as those events may be, they paled in comparison to my experience in the Old Baptist Cemetery.

The first grave site that Lisa led the group to was a marked slave headstone bearing the name of Agness. As Lisa told us about Agness, and the stone beside her marked Petunia, I pulled out my dowsing rods and silently asked, “Are you here?”

Immediately, my rods crossed. I smiled and whispered to my boyfriend, Sean, telling him Agness was around. About that time, Lisa noticed a cold spot and called the group over to feel it.

After that we visited several other graves, and each time Lisa felt a cold spot. Each time, I held out my rods and they reacted to whatever energy was in the area. Finally, at the third or forth grave and cold spot, Lisa asked someone with dowsing rods to step forward. I was up front and had mine at the ready so I did.

“Is anyone here,” asked Lisa. The rods crossed. “If you are the owner of this grave, can you indicate a yes for us?” Nothing happened…the rods remained straight.
I smiled and said, “I have to tell you that, while we were over at Agness’ grave, I asked ‘Are you here,’ and my rods crossed.”

Lisa then asked, “Is this Agness?” The rods crossed.

“Well,” I said, “I guess she just wanted some company. But I’m not sure if she’s following you, the tour, or someone else.”

“Wow,” Lisa said, “and we don’t even have a medium to confirm.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Well…actually you do.”

Lisa laughed and said, “Well there you go. You people always hold out on me!”

Agness followed us around the cemetery for the rest of the time we were there, and I was freezing the entire time. I should mention that it was so warm when we got to the cemetery, I left my jacket on the trolley.

At one point, Sean whispered in my ear for a response from the rods. “Are you following the tour?” No response. “Are you following Lisa?” No response.

I groaned and said, “Oh good, Lord. Are you following me?” The rods crossed and Sean laughed.

Lisa looked up and must have seen my crossed rods and pained expression and laughed herself. “Are you being followed?” I nodded and she laughed again. “It’s because you can communicate with her.”

As the other tour members wandered around the cemetery, Lisa and I talked about Agness. She’d mentioned earlier that she didn’t really know who Petunia was. I got the urge to tell her “It was her daughter.” I went on to say that it could be a granddaughter or something, but the feeling I was getting from Agness was definitely maternal.

As Lisa called for everyone to meet back at the trolley, I asked her to point me back to Agness’ grave so I could drop her back off at home. Sean and I walked back over to the gravestone. I held out my rods and said, “Well, it’s been fun, Agness. I enjoyed the company, thank you. But, it’s time for you to go home.” Suddenly I felt warmer. Even Sean noticed the temperature change when he took my hand.

When we got back to the store, I asked Lisa if it had gotten warmer after I left. She confirmed that it did warm up as soon as I walked away.

So, if you get the chance to go on the Haunted Hannibal Tour, go. It’s an amazing time. Who knows…you may have your own conversation with Agness.

Thanks, Morgan, for the recap...it was a very interesting experience!