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Tickets: Adults $20.00, seniors and children under 9 yrs $16.00
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Tickets may be purchased and tours depart from:
Hannibal History Museum
200 N. Main Street
Hannibal, MO 63401
(573) 248-1819

We Couldn't Say It Better Ourselves!

A review by GradyShark from Houston, Texas who was recently on the Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tour:

"The tour guide took us around Hannibal and told us some fascinating real life stories and reported ghost encounters, while teaching us a great deal about the history of the town. The highlight of the tour was visiting the graveyard. My younger cousins, who tagged along, enjoyed "talking" to spirits using dowsing rods. You don't have to believe in ghosts or the paranormal to have fun on this tour." Visited July 2016

Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours


We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a tour for any reason.

Full refunds will be issued for any tour that we cancel.

No children age 4 and under are allowed. .

All guests 10 years old and older will be charged the adult ticket price.

Because our tours frequently sell out, once seats are reserved there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

No refunds will be issued if your group number is reduced or you wish to cancel your reservation

within 24 hours of the tour including those reservations made the day-of the tour.

For tours of 14 passengers or less we will use our small, climate-controlled bus. tour

Still photography is allowed, but video/audio recording of our tour is not permitted.

Generally speaking, we do not cancel a tour because of light rain or the threat of inclement weather.

We will cancel a tour if there is the possibility of lightning or excessive precipitation.

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to entertaining you!

Paranormal Photos from Tours!

All of the photos below were taken by guests on our Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours. No photos were retouched or altered from their original state in any way. These are not intended to be used as "proof" of paranormal activity...but it is fun to speculate on what they reveal...you be the judge! Enjoy!  Click on photo to enlarge for better viewing

This photo was taken in Old Baptist Cemetery on October 26, 2013. Our guest, Andrea, apparently had a spirit right behind her! See the rods pointing toward the orb?

In June, 2013 we heard our first story of a cat that seems to be haunting the Garden House Bed and Breakfast. Since that time, we've heard several different "cat" stories...but on October 11, 2013, I think our guest Brittney may have captured evidence of the Ghost Cat! This photo was taken during our Haunted Hannibal tour that night. When we were in Old Baptist Cemetery, I called the owner of the B&B, Chris Bobek, and asked if there were any animals in the house that evening, and he confirmed there were none...! If you click on the photo it will enlarge -- then, look in the top right window of the house...can you see the glowing eyes?

This photo was taken during a tour of the Mark Twain Cave. A guest took a photo of her daughter, and over the top of her daughter's head is a large orb. Below is a close-up of the orb -- doesn't it look like there's a skull inside the orb???

"Me and my friend were on your tour on the 15th of October [2010], the 9:00pm one...My friend had never been to Hannibal before and wanted to go to the Mark Twain Cave. As we bought out tickets we joked about seeing a ghost. On the tour the guy pointed out which room the girl had been in [McDowell's Chamber, where Dr. McDowell placed the copper cylinder containing his daughter's corpse to see if her body could be preserved]. As the tour moved on something caught my eye and I had to go look. What I saw was a young girl with dark hair...she didn’t look at me she was looking down. Then I saw what looked like someone offering her a hand to take...Just thought I would share that with you. Feel free to share that story if you want. V. Powell" -- from an eMail we received October 2010
Taken at the grave of Agness Flauteroy, a slave who died in 1855. Old Baptist Cemetery, May, 2012
We were pleased to have Lisa, Bruce and Kale from the Little Egypt Ghost Society (Carbondale, IL), authors of the great book "History, Mystery and Hauntings of Southern Illinois" on our tour last week. They were able to document quite a bit of paranormal activity in Old Baptist Cemetery, but they also snapped a really amazing photo!
Here's what Bruce had to say about the photo:
"The only blur in this photo taken by my wife, Lisa, is the white light itself. Everything else is in focus with no blur, including Lisa Marks' hand and flashlight. It is impossible for the light to appear "suspended" in thin air by natural means as it is in this photo. We, at the LITTLE EGYPT GHOST SOCIETY, believe that this is indeed a paranormal light form. We are convinced that the Old Baptist Cemetery is filled with paranormal energy. Thank you, Lisa Marks for taking us there."
Bruce, you're welcome, and we hope to see you all again soon!

"When we all broke off to try the hands of the dowsing rods my husband and I were pointed behind the van away from everyone else. We got to the graves under the tree and you came over and mentioned that a lot of people get pulled to that grave and that I should ask questions. I first asked it to cross if it was Henry, not if it was John. Next I asked him to cross if he was upset that the top of his headstone had fallen-yes. Is that why he pulled us - no. Was he lonely - yes. You and I spent some time discussing how hard it would be to fix all the toppled headstones in the cemetery.
We then decided to explore elsewhere and we kept getting directed back to the first grave. We laughed and "told" the grave we wanted to go else where but thanks for talking to us. We went and saw a couple more graves but the dowsing rods were not as directed as the first time. When we were leaving my husband said I should take another photo of that first grave. I took two about a second apart. The first one has a definite yellow orb right where the top of the headstone should be. Pretty neat. Thanks for the tour!  Callie Anderson"  -- from an eMail we received August 2011

A face in the upstairs window of one of the mansions on Millionaires' Row, photo taken by J. Drauden, July 2012. I also see a man standing above the child, wearing a dark blazer and striped tie...can you see him, too?

Taken at Old Baptist Cemetery by S. Hemm, October 2012

"When I looked at the picture on my camera there is a huge black shadow over the right side of the picture that you can actually see through and if you look at Caitlin the dowsing rods are pointing directly at the shadow!!!! Totally creepy!! ...Until someone can explain the creepy shadow I not quite as skeptical anymore!!!" -- via eMail from Jennifer, April 2011

One thing I find interesting about this photo is that the shadow IS see-through...so if it were the camera strap or a finger covering part of the camera lens, you wouldn't be able to see through the shadow...and above the shadow, next to Caitlin, is an orb!

Photo taken by Angela in Old Baptist Cemetery, May 2011

These photos were taken just seconds apart by the McVay Family in Old Baptist Cemetery

"After stepping off of the trolley the wands keep guiding me to the left and when I got close to the grave headstone the wands crossed. We read the name and did not recognize it as anyone we knew that had any of the names listed. As went we looked further down the stone the date October 30th appeared which was the day of my fathers death. After asking several questions and receiving correct response I had chills. Now in seeing this picture I know dad was there. Charles Laub" -- From an eMail we received October, 2011

Beth H. in Old Baptist Cemetery, April 2011