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Mysterious Happenings at the Old Catholic Church

Last week we had Jennifer and her family from Wisconsin on our Haunted Hannibal tour. She just emailed me this photo and description via Facebook:

"Hi,I was going to call you about this, but we were so busy this week there just wasn't anytime. So last Saturday after we went to dinner we decided to stop by that old church that was on the tour to see if we could hear the choir singing. My daughter and I got out of the car and I went up to the door and put my ear to it. I heard a loud thump and the door kinda shook, but I don't think it was anything paranormal - maybe just the bowlers [there's a bowling alley attached to the south side of the church].

"Then my sister came out to take a picture of us in front of the church. Caitlin and I sat on the steps and she had her dowsing rods in her hands. My sister took 3 pictures. The first two with her camera turned out fine and the rods are pointing forward. When she took the last picture she freaked out because she said something was on the picture. Then from nowhere a cat starts yowling really creepy. I figured she was just trying to scare me, and I wanted a picture of me with my ear to the door. But there were definitely thumps and the door was moving (still- probably the wind).

"When I looked at the picture on my camera there is a huge black shadow over the right side of the picture that you can actually see through and if you look at Caitlin the dowsing rods are pointing directly at the shadow!!!! Totally creepy!! ...Until someone can explain the creepy shadow I not quite as skeptical anymore!!!"

One thing I find interesting about this photo is that the shadow IS see-through...so if it were the camera strap or a finger covering part of the camera lens, you wouldn't be able to see through the shadow...and above the shadow, next to Caitlin, is an orb!

Happy Hauntings, Jennifer, and thanks for bringing your family on the tour and sharing the info with us!