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Tickets: Adults $15.00, children 10 and under $7.50
Not recommended for children aged 5 and under

Tickets may be purchased and tours depart from:
Hannibal History Museum
200 N. Main Street
Hannibal, MO 63401
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Spirits of the Cemetery

We had an AMAZING tour last night, a fun group, and for me, some special guests on the tour yet again confirmed that there are, indeed, spirits in the cemetery. As many of you know, I am not able to "see" ghosts (although I wish I could!) but over and over people on tours tell me they see spirits, particularly at Old Baptist Cemetery. What is remarkable to me is when I hear dozens of people tell me what they see, and their stories all match -- after so many people say that there's a 5-year-old-girl playing peek-a-boo in the northwest corner of the cemetery, you can't help but become a believer! There's also a man near the west fence line, very tall, dark, wearing a long overcoat; a Civil War soldier who is wearing his hat; a man named Edward in the northeast part of the cemetery who isn't hostile, but not particularly friendly, either (he kinda wants to be left alone). I have lost count of how many people that have taken our tour, people who are "sensitive" to paranormal activity, that have told me there are more than twenty spirits at Old Baptist Cemetery at any given time. I guess that's why our dowsing rods work so well to detect energy in the cemetery -- it's all around us, all the time! Even if you're not a true believer, even if you've never seen a ghost, come take a tour and allow me to share Old Baptist Cemetery with you. It's a peaceful place where some people have rested for more than 170 years. It's historic, with amazing stories of the remarkable people who lived in Hannibal and are now buried there. But even the most ardent skeptic will admit that there's something "extra" special about Old Baptist Cemetery...