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Tickets may be purchased and tours depart from:
Hannibal History Museum
200 N. Main Street
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We Couldn't Say It Better Ourselves!

A review by GradyShark from Houston, Texas who was recently on the Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tour:

"The tour guide took us around Hannibal and told us some fascinating real life stories and reported ghost encounters, while teaching us a great deal about the history of the town. The highlight of the tour was visiting the graveyard. My younger cousins, who tagged along, enjoyed "talking" to spirits using dowsing rods. You don't have to believe in ghosts or the paranormal to have fun on this tour." Visited July 2016

Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tours


We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a tour for any reason.

Full refunds will be issued for any tour that we cancel.

No children age 4 and under are allowed. Ages 5-10 are charged half of the adult ticket price.

All guests 11 years old and older will be charged the adult ticket price.

Because our tours frequently sell out, once seats are reserved there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

No refunds will be issued if your group number is reduced or you wish to cancel your reservation

within 24 hours of the tour including those reservations made the day-of the tour.

For tours of 14 passengers or less we will use our small, climate-controlled bus. For tours with more than 14 passengers we may rent the Hannibal Trolley but we never guarantee that our tour will be a “Trolley” tour

Still photography is allowed, but video/audio recording of our tour is not permitted.

Generally speaking, we do not cancel a tour because of light rain or the threat of inclement weather.

We will cancel a tour if there is the possibility of lightning or excessive precipitation.

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to entertaining you!

A Chill at Old Baptist Cemetery

As you scroll down through the posts on this website you'll notice that many of them are about Old Baptist Cemetery. This might be because we spend more time there than we do any other part of the tour...but I believe it is also because there is so much energy out at the old graveyard. We have probably had 600 tours at Old Baptist in the past two years, and hundreds of people have detected paranormal activity while roaming around the old graves.

Last night was no exception...we had two tours, one at 5pm and one at 7pm, and it was very cold, around 30 degrees. I was out at Old Baptist with the second tour sometime around 8:15pm, and although it was pitch black and chilly, we could still detect all kinds of energy as we roamed around the graves.

One of the guests on our tour, Frank, was close by me with his dowsing rods and suddenly I realized it had become considerably colder where I was standing. I called Frank over and asked him if he felt it, too...and then we realized we could see each other's breath as we talked. There was no question that we were standing near a cold spot...and as confirmation, Frank's dowsing rods began to pull towards the cold! We asked if the presence were male (crossed rods) or female (open rods) and the rods crossed. Then we asked if he was buried at Old Baptist, and the rods crossed again for a "yes". I then asked the spirit if he could lead Frank to where he was buried...and suddenly the cold spot disappeared! Also, as soon as the cold spot moved away, we could no longer see our breath as we spoke! We later felt the cold spot a few feet away, but it quickly disappeared again when we tried to ask another question. I wonder now if the energy was physically trying to pull us toward where he was buried; when I asked it to show us, I was thinking the spirit would move the dowsing rods but maybe he was actually moving toward his grave and expecting us to follow...?

I still find it a bit hard to believe that we are out at this old cemetery in the dark and surrounded by spirits...but folks, I've been out there too many times, and I've experienced too many cold spots and other paranormal occurrences -- I am convinced that something out there is present.

I'll never forget an experience I had on a tour early last year. There was a young lady named Samantha visiting us from Arizona. She was in her teens, very quiet and shy, very introverted. She never spoke the entire time we were on our tour, never even talked while we were walking around Old Baptist.

After the tour was over, she and her father came back into our shop on Main Street and I noticed her father was nudging her over to me. She quietly walked up to me and whispered, "My father wanted me to tell you that you're right about Old Baptist Cemetery."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Do you have information about Old Baptist?"

She answered, "You are right about there being ghosts at the cemetery."

She went on to explain that she has been able to see ghosts since she was a little girl. Her father nodded his head in agreement. She seemed to be a bit burdened by this ability and was uncomfortable talking about it.

"So you saw ghosts while we were at Old Baptist?" I asked. Samantha said, "Many." I then asked, "Okay, now when you say 'many', are you talking five, or are you talking fifty...?"

Samantha paused for a moment, looking up at the ceiling to think, and then said, "I'd say at any given time there are fifteen to twenty."

I was giving another tour in the afternoon late last summer and felt a cold spot next to me. I started to explain to the group about cold spots, and suddenly a man spoke up and said, "I'm not surprised you feel the cold, there's a ghost standing next to you." He then went on to describe a young lady with a short hairdo...I nearly jumped out of my skin!

I must tell you I am SO JEALOUS of those gifted with the ability to "see" these spirits...Oh, if only I were a clairvoyant and could see these energies for myself! But of course, you'd still be skeptical unless you could see them for yourself...

Until then, I'll enjoy just knowing the cold spots at Old Baptist like to follow me around!


Happy 239th Birthday, Mr. Ingraham!

It was a warm, breezy evening last night at Mt. Olivet cemetery, a great place to celebrate the official First Day of Spring 2011! During our Haunted Hannibal tour, a couple from Rolla was "investigating" using their dowsing rods and were pulled toward a particular headstone...

...They found the headstone lying on its back on the ground, having fallen from its original base. The stone is for Barton Ingraham, and maybe the reason we were pulled toward him was that he wants us to recognize his birthday! The headstone is inscribed, "Barton Ingraham, Born In Boston, Mass., Mar. 21, 1772, Died in Hannibal, MO, Oct. 26, 1846".

So here's Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Ingraham, 239 years young today!

Teeny Tiny Spirits

Hello all, it was a cold day in Hannibal (temps hovering around the freezing mark) but we had a really fun group on tour! Check out our little ghost hunters, sisters from mid-Illinois:

One interesting thing we found was that there seemed to be teeny tiny orbs of energy out at Old Baptist this evening. These three photos were taken with three different cameras in three different parts of the cemetery -- see how they all captured similar tiny orbs of light?

One of our guests was drawn to a particular headstone at Mt. Olivet Cemetery...his dowsing rods pointed him in the right direction...when he went to the headstone, the name of the deceased was "Matthew". You'll never guess what my guest's name just happens to be...!

Here's another interesting set of photos taken tonight at Mt. Olivet featuring Mr. "D", the father of our two young ghost hunters pictured above -- notice the orb to his left in the first photo, and how the energy changes form into a different type of orb in the second photo!

Thanks to all our guests who came out on a chilly, windy night to take the tour this evening, we enjoyed visiting with you. Hope to see you again soon, there will be lots more stories to tell you!